Moving to Rackspace

Posted on August 08, 2012

This month, I made the decision to move from a shared host to a VPS solution.


Firstly, I wasn’t too comfortable sticking my sites on a shared host in case one of my unruly neighbours brought the server down.

The sites I hosted inlcuded this blog, Annzilla‘s blog, RadicalRadical Creative and a number of staging/preview sites for my clients.

Granted, though I chose a good (but cheap) hosting provider who guaranteed “99%” uptime, I’ve had some issues. Sometimes, I would ask a client to review some changes I’ve done. But when they visited their staging site, the server would conveniently be down. That would be the 1% of the time, I guess.

Then there’s the security issue. Most of my clients run WordPress. Sure, I may update my WordPress installs diligently to avoid any nasty bugs but what about my neighbours? If their sites were compromised my sites may too (it happens).

Of course, managing my own host makes me the most vulnerable security point as the onus is now on me to make sure my server is bulletproof. Talk about pressure. But at least I know where to point the blame if anything nasty happens.

Aside: WordPress provides a pretty handy tutorial for administrators to help beef up their installs. Check it out here.

So, I chose Rackspace

Reasons why:

  • I like their pricing structure, though it seems a bit nickel and dime-y. But, if I keep a close eye on my usage, I should be good.
  • Their support team is pretty awesome: less than a day since I got my LAMP stack up and running, I already screwed something up. So I called them and A HUMAN picked up! Unheard of, right?
  • Their knowledge base is pretty extensive. When I needed a linux tutorial or some general linux help, I usually found what I needed there.

Next Steps

I’ve moved this blog and Annzilla for now. I’ll be moving RadicalRadical this month – just in time for RadicalRadical’s brand refresher!