Doing it Live

Posted on May 02, 2012

On Wednesday May 2, at 8pm EST I’m going try my hand at broadcasting live.

The show in a nutshell:

  • A panel of 5 discusses 3 topics of interest
  • These topics will be interesting to each panelist
  • People can chat. People can tweet at us. We will try to respond
  • The show will be uncensored (hide yo kids, hide yo wife)
  • There is no set. We’ll be broadcasting from our bedrooms

Me with headphones

When: Wednesday May 2, at 8pm EST

Where: Join us at as we make a fool of ourselves.


I don’t watch any television at all. My media consumption consists mostly of YouTube subscriptions and Podcasts.

There are a couple of shows in particular that inspired me to try this little experiment: is where I get most of my tech news. Watching the GSL (Global Starcraft League) and the Day[9] Daily is where I get my e-Sports / competitive StarCraft II fix.

The cool thing about those shows are that they are live and engage their audience. Panelist in the Twit network interact with a live chat who give them feedback on what they’re talking about. Same thing for Day[9].

When a GSL Finals is broadcast, #GSL is usually an international trending topic on Twitter (hilariously at 4am EST).

Now, those of you who know me are aware of my experiments in content creation. I’ve run a blog or two, made a couple of lame videos here and there, but this will be my first attempt at a live show.

Wednesday’s show is a pilot. If it’s well received, I may do this weekly for a month. If that month of content is well received, I may do it for two and so on and so forth. We’ll see!