Blogging is Hard

Posted on February 04, 2012

This will probably be my 100th attempt at keeping an online presence.

Seriously, here’s some stuff I tried and failed:

  • Tumblr. Not many people know this but I have a tumblr and it sucks. Also, I’m not going to update that anymore (note to self: do password retrieval for tumblr)
  • Wordpress.COM - the commercial version, but I’m a dev! Why the hell should I give up control to someone else?
  • - does this count?
  • And others I’m too ashamed to mention. Like LiveJournal. I deleted that one right?

Reasons why It’s Hard for Designers/Developers to Blog

  • We want to design and build our own WordPress theme (if the site is running on WordPress at all)
  • Updating is time consuming
  • We feel like nobody is going to read it

Reasons why the above list is utter crap

Stop worrying about designing/building your own theme

If content really is king then just pick a starter/default theme and go*. You can always change the look and feel later.

Updating is hard because you don’t plan to update

I tell my clients (and I’m sure other web guys do too) that they should do a slow and steady content release schedule if they want to blog on behalf of their company. Something like once every two weeks. Share to immediate network (Facebook, duh) and repeat.

Nobody is reading your blog because you are not posting useful information

Here’s a typical scenario in my workflow:

The client requests for a common design feature (like a sticky footer) and for some reason, I forget or have no idea how I did it the gazillions of times before.

Googling yields to a page showing a common way to achieve it and clicking how this works yields to an article by some company under their section entitled, Resources.

Lesson learned: if you have valuable information other people would also value, then just share it.

So, that’s it

I’m going to follow these rules in order to maintain a content release schedule. See, even my first post is an article discussing reasons why blogging is hard and how to overcome them.

Footer Notes

* I’m going to try sticking to take my advice further and stick to a default theme for the lifetime of this blog.